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-Last Update January 5th, 2018: The Honda Navigation DVD for 2018 has now been released and if you own any Honda model that comes with in-built in-dash GPS and navigation then now is the time that you should be buying a Honda GPS update.

-Three screenshots of a Geospatial-enabled PDF Map read using a GPS PDF Viewer app. GPS Smartphone navigation just got easier using Geospatial PDF, an extension to Adobe?s Portable Document Format that let?s you encode GPS features with PDF documents.

-Draw & measure your fields in 3 ways. Gain exact information about your fields for precise calculations. Save your work and add information about the materials you used, the area you covered, the type of operation, the distance and the time spent in the field.

-Intuitive, instinctive navigation was our aim with Lechal, and haptics or vibratory feedback is the best and simplest way to achieve that. Like a tap on the shoulder, Lechal's gentle vibrations at your feet guide you invisibly but intuitively.

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